Monday, August 8, 2022

Nana's Visit to the UK

Its been 2 years since my mom had the opportunity to see Henry (thanks Covid) since he was born. Hes definitely grown up and become a little tiddle toddler. 

The last few months we've been living day to day life, but just with a Nana in the picture, although we did manage to get out and have little mini adventures to make the most of her time here. 

There was only a period of like 2-3 weeks where we caught covid and had to isolate. First I got it, then mama, and we couldn't have Mush for a full 2 weeks! That was probably the toughest part of the visit--not having Henry around. Luckily, through us getting it, and then his dad, Granny and uncle Tony getting seemed like the little man came off unscathed. 

After the covid period of things, we were able to go have fun while Nana was here. 

We went to the Beach ⛱️ 

First time at the beach went swimmingly well! Henry liked to hang out in the tide pools (just like mama) and look at all the sea creatures and the flow of the water. He was less impressed with the actual ocean. In fact, he was scared that mama even went into the ocean for a little dip. Something to work up to.

He did however love digging in the sand, splashing about in the tide pools, and of cream. The boy loves chocolate, but he won't say no to a Mr Whippy vanilla ice cream cone. 

We also went to the Safari Park TWICE! Once with just the three of us (Nana, Mama, and Mush), and once with Auntie Lua and Uncle Simon. 

The first time we went was good when we got to the park, but since we did the drive through last Henry was asleep for most of the safari. 

The second time we went we made sure to do the drive through safari bit first. Henry was sat in the back seat with Simon and Lucie and loved looking at all the animals. However, he was ABSOLUTELY not keen on having the window rolled down and the animals getting too close. Even when I rolled my window down and the Antelopes and Zebras etc got too close to me, he was a bit scared of mama getting hurt. After a few minutes, he got used to the animals coming close to the car, but even towards the end, he didn't want HIS window down and the animals getting too close to HIM. 

Through the two visits we discovered that Henry LOVES the Lemurs, and feeding the Lorikeets. 

Besides those few major excursions, we got out and about and had lots of fun in the sun, making the most of our 30-40°c weather! Parks, Cafes, Shopping, Walks, Puzzlewood, Blue Elephant Play Cafe, pool time in the garden, etc

When it got way too hot, after being in the pool during the 'cooler' hours of the days, Mush even decided that it was time to get in some hard work mowing the living room...butt naked. LOL 

Puzzlewood was another successful venture. I think he managed near enough 2 hours wandering through the forest trails before becoming too tired. Can't wait to go back there again. 

There was some indoor play as well, since the weather got a bit too much for little ones. There was even a day that Henry had to come home early from Nursery because of the high temperature warning (fyi....most places do NOT have air conditioning in the UK so it was a bit dangerous having littles in a stuffy room during the hottest part of the day).

Its was weird for my mom only having Henry half of the time (the joys of seperated parents and shared care arrangements), but she busied herself with crafts, and we went out together when we didnt have Henry. 

A few nights we went out to the Cinema, we went out to eat, and had a few days of shopping and touring around little English towns. I introduced her to Axe throwing, and we had an all around good time. 

Mom was also here for Fourth of July, so her and the ex-pat (Me) made sure to have Burgers for dinner. 

And of course, Mom and the cat got on famously. I always say that mom becomes Charlie's favorite human while shes here. She doesnt pester him for cuddles as much as i do  :p

We did manage to get in a few 'trips'--day trips and a few overnights -- so we could do a few things together without having to figure out taking Mush and all his paraphernalia. One of those times we went to London to see the new Cinderella musical from Andrew Lloyd Webber before it left the West End. 

We went to a few towns just outside of London on the way to the airport, so we got to see Windsor (not just the Castle) and Marlow and see the locks operate on the River Thames. 

Now Mush and i resume normal life. Its been great having Nana around, especially when i needed a Mush-free moment to just be me instead of Mama. Being mom to a toddler is tough work, but luckily i had my mom here to help me through some of those terrible two tantrums. 

Now we just have to gear up for the next adventure.....getting my little man on his first airplane ride so he can visit his American cousins, aunties and uncles for the first time 😪

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